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  • DEFCON 13 CtF

    DEFCON 13 Capture the Flag Organisers have been selected!

    To learn more, go to:

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    awsome. i was getting worried.
    the fresh prince of 1337

    To learn how to hack; submit your request


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      Just an interesting tidbit.

      Next weekend is DallasCon, a wireless security convention.
      This year, added to the events list is CTF. =)


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        CtF Winner Selected!

        Kenshoto has been selected as the CtF Organizers!

        Here is their announcement:

        Word is in from up on high, kenshoto will be running the Defcon
        Capture the Flag contest in 2005. This year's CtF will be a
        knock-down-drag-out-cyberninja war, the likes of which the world has
        never seen.

        The core skill for this contest will be finding vulnerabilities in
        software. Those of you who have avoided playing in CtF because you
        think it is for lamers, we bet you can't find all our vulnerabilities.

        Teams will still need to defend a server, and will need to be able to
        exploit the vulnerabilities they find. The vulnerabilities are going
        to be custom-written, so packetstorm archives and nmap aren't going to
        help you win.

        There will be a qualifying round, which will start on Friday, June 3rd
        at 10:00 PM EDT. Only 7 teams and 12 individuals will qualify. Last
        year's winners, Sk3wl0fR00t, are automatically qualified (leaving 6
        team slots), unless they too decide to play in the qualifying round,
        in which case they've still got to place in the top 8.

        Registration is currently open at This
        year, we're not only going to accept teams, we'll also accept lone
        warriors. Such ronin won't have to defend anything, but will
        otherwise be playing the same game.

        We encourage anyone to attempt to qualify, even if as a learning

        Good luck... you're going to need it.

        PGP Key: