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    Originally posted by dYn4mic
    1. Alot is really two words....
    2. Try not to make generalizations....
    3. This thread is gaining age and you didn't provide anything intresting becides to argue with a forum admin.

    you are the weakest link, goodbye!
    1. Dont be a grammar whore, i really dont care.
    2. How is that a generalization (sry I cant put a question mark, im on a german keyboard setting )
    3. Sry, didnt look at the date. also Im not arguing, Im just suggesting that he may have meant an alternate meaning
    4. crap i didnt notice the second page sry all


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      Originally posted by Dr. Z2A
      3. Sry, didnt look at the date.
      it's not that this thread is that old, people just want it to die
      "Fundamentalism: It's how you get all the mysteries of the universe to fit on a bumper sticker"

      --Howard The Duck