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Who's doin a Fry's Electronics run?

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  • Who's doin a Fry's Electronics run?

    I suppose if you have one of these big box electronic stores in your own backyard this isnt a big deal.

    However I have always made it a regular pilgrimage to go there and every trip i always make a large (in my opinion) purchase. Last year was a laptop and the year before that the latest n greatest iPAQ with all the accessories.

    Who else here always makes a trip or two or tweleve to Fry's Electronics when they are in town?

    I know lots of you do, because every time I go there during the con I see other attendee's with their badges there.
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    I have two in my backyard. God loves me!
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      We finally got one in Atlanta not too far from me. I just wish the salespeople were not on commission.

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        The Fry's in Vegas is a cool place. Last Defcon I got to we went to Fry's to try and get some wireless stuff for my friend's Zarius. We asked the guy for help and he ended up taking us to the completely wrong section of the store. We told him so and his response was "You guys are here for Defcon right? You guys know us Fry's employees don't know what the hell we are talking about." He then helped us find the right area, and was all and all a pretty cool guy. Hell of a lot better than the idiots at the San Jose stores. Plus the store is a giant slot machine. Can't complain about that.



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          Were is it located? I might be up going on a run. Fry's aren't in the New England so far, and I've been interested in seeing one ever since I first heard of them.
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            Get out on the strip, head south, and it is on your right as you start to leave town. we took a taxi there, the driver took all the back roads to nickel and dime us. Realy teed me off. I will for sure make a Fry's run, I may just yell "Who needs a ride to Fry's!" and let folks go along for the ride.


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              Cool. Count me in.
              "If you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to be a horrible warning." - Catherine Aird