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  • Another begging lodger

    This is my second year going to DefCon - but this time it's all on my own dime. I'm travelling very light (ancient laptop and a CamelBak stuffed with toiletries and extra clothes) and on a tight budget. I too found someone to slum with, but he is unable to attend (heavy sigh). I'm flying in (bought my tix months ago) and have no need of transport if room is at the AP. Dates: Night of 28 July to morning of 01 Aug (or days that you have room available).

    Despite the idea of going so light, I'm clean, quiet and not much of a drunkard (okay, a cheap sleepy drunk ; ).

    Ideally, I am looking for rug space for one 5'8" female (yep, that's me) to sleep on, and a spot to wash in the morning. Otherwise, I don't need the room. All I can offer is what would amount to a lunch and/or dinner at a reasonably priced location. If you want to go to a fast food place I can spring for three meals easy. : P

    Email me at squidly1 | at | to work out any details.

    - Squidly1
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    Originally posted by Squidly1
    I'm passionate about grilling and love being a geek. Hope to see you guys at the Con.
    Do you get arrive in time for the Toxic BBQ? You'd be sure to meet a bunch of us there if you did.
    Originally posted by che
    I can vouch for this.. Alcohol makes Dataworm speak with a very thick French accent..
    Hell, it makes him type with a French accent as well.
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      Dang. I'm flying in later, and have already purchased my tix to theSummit. If you see a short-haired gal in skull-n-crossbones (grey) PJ bottoms on at DefCon - it's me. Wanna chat or hang at the AP bar (or go Dutch for round of Daiquiris at the Caesar's Palace, very good ones) send me an email at the Cryptomail address...

      BTW: Wonder where the discussion parts to this little chat went. I only see my original post and spahkle's 22 July post. Weird. ; )

      - Squidly1