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    Originally posted by HCentral
    I am here and nobody seems to be checking their PMs. I guess everyone's afraid to use the hotel LAN. Or they're out having fun and I'm the only idiot in his room...
    The Forums have not been up for many recent DefCon, and many people at Defcon who use the forums as regulars, generally would not use the forums while at DefCon.

    Some may check in, now and then. Why am I checking them? I am not there. :-)

    Best thing to do? look at the unofficial events and try to meet some people there. Make a forums badge or something to identify yourself. You may see other forum members wearing their badges too.


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      .. or catch them all in one room tonight at the Forum Meet.

      It might be wise for visitors on similar connections to remember that SSL is live and functional on
      if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.