I see a lot of people already offering rides to Vegas, so here's another option for you.
Planning to leave on Thursday evening - to beat the heat.

it is best to call me instead of trying to Email me. Call 209-298-5780, ask
for john

I have room for 3 people at present..... prefer at least one person having
drivers license to share the driving. Can you drive a stick shift?

Gas sharing money appreciated, but not required.

Planning to leave late Sunday or possibly on Monday - depending how how
trashed I'm going to be.

Staying with friend in N Vegas, not sure if she would allow extra guests, but
I would say, probably yes... so crash space on Thursday evening plus ride to Alexis in morning is also offered.

I plan to first stop by Alexus to see if I can register early - so can also drop you
off at that time as well.

More then likely, you'll not have problems finding crash space.... Once you get there, you'll see what I mean. Besides, who crashes at these events....