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Nerdcore Freestyle Rap Battles

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    Mister Cee's Got a Master Plan

    I volunteer to dj.

    I suspect the best way to pull this off, if we wanted to pull this off, is to create tracks beforehand using acid, sound forge, etc. .

    Because it's a rap battle, we'd need to keep things short.. I'd say 30 seconds each, back and forth for 3 rounds, and then the ?Crowd? decides the winner. Winner battles next contestant.

    Let me know if you want me to get things moving, because I would need to get some samples together, etc..

    Next we need signup and location decisions


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      If you guys really i want to do this I think it would be better suited for oh.... sometime around 20:00 to 22:00 while everyone's drinking :)


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        Well, IMHO, this is fun to do occasionally but also over-done.

        I would rather see poems in various styles(free verse, haiku, ballad, quatrain...etc), as that takes more brains to make it line up just right...and, I don't know...maybe have some meaning behind the poems?

        "When you're called upon to do anything, and you're not ready to do it, then you've failed."

        Commander W.H. Hamilton