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  • RobotWarez Results!

    This year we had *double* the entries from last year. Two!

    Team Irvine Underground entered an awesome bot controlled by a laptop. It utilized a conveyor to pick up the balls and a modified paint ball gun to fire them out of an ABS barrel. The firing was completely controlled by the software and it used a webcam to detect where the cans were at, then fired automatically!

    Team Florida came out with a brilliantly designed R/C bot. It had three airplane motors/propellers that could suck in the balls as well as blow them up to the gun, which was a home made propane tank/air compressor/sprinkler valve leading to an ABS barrel.

    Florida just barely beat out IVU in the last round of the competition, it was an excellent match and both teams did an excellent job.

    Next year will be a different (and cheaper) event, check back later for the rules!
    --- The fuck? Have you ever BEEN to Defcon?

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    On behalf of Irvine Underground, I just want to congratulate the Florida team on a great bot and a great contest, we couldn't of lost to a better team. We look forward to competing next year with you, everyone who expressed interest but were not quite able to get done in time this year, as well as those who don't even know they are going to enter yet. I hear we are looking at making this contest more accesable so look for the contest announcement (im told it will come in the next few months) and hopefully we can all work together to create a even more exciting competition for Defcon 14!


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      Thanks for everything. This was only my second time coming out to defcon. Looking forward to next year. Can't wait to see what it will be. I have some video, linked below. There is some good video of the Irvine Underground robot. The AI on the gun was pretty cool.
      Is the Irvine Underground going to post the specs of the robot like they did last year?
      Anyone know what the story is with the other guy who was filming?
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        Once the Defcon haze clears and I recover I will clean up my code and give credit where credit is due and we should get a page up on our bot. Our AI is pretty simple circle detection for the most part- it was all open source code I picked up off the net and just modified to our needs.
        I know Russ was shooting video of all the rounds, Im not sure what his plans for that is, but Im pretty sure it will show up on the net in one form or the other at some point.


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          I wonder if either team would care to comment on the expense put into the robot? Neither looked like they were $49 specials!


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            You just wait until next year >:)



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              Originally posted by LosT
              You just wait until next year >:)

              Bring it on.



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                /Burns voice



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                  Originally posted by kallahar
                  Florida just barely beat out IVU in the last round of the competition, it was an excellent match and both teams did an excellent job.
                  Congrats to A and C and the other guy who couldn't make it. Youse guys rock! Also, thanks for letting me hang out in your room, drink Rock star mixers, and watch lotsa talks on the toob.

                  Too bad Winn didn't call our team for hacker jeopardy, we would have kicked @$$. Well at least at the drinkin part if not the trivia.

                  One last thing, we have only scratched the surface on the subject of "irreducible complexity." We will have to get into that some more!