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    I just got my tickets, so put me down on the confirmed for ToorCon list!
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      Originally posted by astcell
      Cooncon is Sep 2-5. :>
      That photo on the top of this page is TOTALLY FAB!


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        Originally posted by highwizard
        Renderman can't goto Toorcon, he needs to save money to goto ShmooCon.
        Quite true. I've already got my registration in, just trying to figure out how the hell to get there
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          Originally posted by big chopper
          That photo on the top of this page is TOTALLY FAB!


          We hope to have this baby ready too.


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            Originally posted by renderman
            Crossing that damn border gets really expensive...(snip)
            Hmmm... Last time I checked (Crossed it four times in the last week) it's only $2 US or $2.50 CAN.

            That’s $4 - $5 round trip. Sounds like a little exaggeration to me.

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              Originally posted by eris
              I'm planning on this event this year, but if anyone smears dead coon on me I'm throwing up in your mouth....
              I don't know what worse -- the people who will show up to see that or the people who want to go rub coon on you now. :> It'll be good seeing you again, be sure to sign in on the registration page (msg me if you canny find it)


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                Horton Grand

                I stayed at the Horton Grand in Febraury of this year, and like noid said, it's noisy and the only redeeming quality is that it is close to the conference center, and possibly the price. You can hear the music from an adjacent club, or the construction/garbage collectors outside at 5:00 AM. The price may be OK, but be wary of the little "extras" they try to tack on, or you may spend as much as if you'd stayed in a higher class of hotel and the walls are thin, so you may just hear what your neighbor is doing (or not able to do).

                Because of my last experience at the Horton Grand, I'm staying off the beaten path at another hotel a few blocks away to get away from the business of that area, and if you can afford to put out the extra $30-$50 a night to stay elsewhere, I strongly suggest that you do.

                Originally posted by noid
                I dislike the Horton, but price wise its the most affordable hotel within walking distance.

                Another option is staying closer to the airport. There is a trolley line that runs down the water front and stops right in front of the convention center. If you look in Little Italy or around that area, you can find rooms at normal prices, then just take the trolley down to the convention center.
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