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Coffee Wars VI results?

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  • Coffee Wars VI results?

    Pardon me if this has been posted elsewhere, but I can't find the results of Coffee Wars, and it's not on the site.

    I feel kind of dumb about the whole coffee wars thing. I brought some coffee this year, and I was looking forward to drinking with the other folks, but then I realized there was a talk I wanted to see (fyodor, i think). Of course, when I went over there, you couldn't get it in. So I decided to go over to the Phil Zimmerman talk, and he didn't show up because of the taxi line at Caesar's or some lame excuse. So, then I went to watch CTF and the swag shop and by the time I made it back to the contest area, they were already cleaning up from coffee wars, and I missed the whole @#$%# thing.

    Which got me to thinking...After the fact, I read in that it was a "grand social engineering experiment..." And that's how I really feel now, like I brought this nice espresso and gave it to people I didn't know, got to drink none of it or any of theirs, and then, whoosh they were gone.

    It reminds me of my first campout with the Scouts when the older guys sent me looking all over camp for a "left-handed smoke shifter."

    Anyhow, it would be nice to know I wasn't completely bamboozled, and there were actually some results tallied and prizes awarded from coffee wars. There were, weren't there?


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    OK, I'll reply to my own post. Heard back from foofus, and he is tallying the results. He wants it to be a quality write-up covering the whole event. And he assures me that it is legit, and they even brewed extra pots at the end for everyone. Like I said, it was my own dumb fault for running off right when they were serving coffee! Cheers,


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      Indeed. I am slow, but sooner or later, things get sorted out:

      (especial thanks to MadHat for maintaining the web site, btw!)