i was wondering... the video feeds that we see in our rooms at the alexis park, are they broadcasts of the audio and video that The Sound of Knowledge is capturing for sale later on tape? when watching in the rooms, one often experiences lack of audio, unfocused cameras, etc. are these same issues on the final, TSOK recording?

(if it's not TSOK at all, but rather defcon staff and volunteers who are operating their own cameras and audio equipment, my comments should not be thought of as harsh criticism... it's remarkable what the defcon A/V people manage to pull off every year. however, if it's actual professionals who are being tasked exclusively with broadcasting the talks, then the errors are less acceptable)

a smaller question... does anyone think it makes a lot of sense that the audio gets silenced "in between" talks? i know that i don't particularly care when i tune into the talks from my AP room and hear background noise. it's a massively small price to pay considering that they way it's done now (with the sound turned off in between speakers) often results in the first few minutes of the next talk being silent... and that can get frustrating.

but yeah, my main question pertained to whether or not the feeds we see broadcast in the rooms are exactly what will be on the tapes.