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  • wezyap
    maybe this help

    i am not sure what you want, but as i understand it you want to pop up a message box and write to a logg when sombody loggs into a limited access account?
    I would make a smal program to do this like:

    //-------------------------------------------Start Of Code
    #include <iostream>
    #include <windows.h>
    #include <stdio.h>

    void writeLogg(char *LogTxt)//ouer write to logg file function
    FILE *file;
    if ((file = fopen("logg.txt", "at")) == NULL) MessageBox(NULL, "Can't Open the log file", "Error", MB_OK);
    fprintf(file, "%s\n", LogTxt);
    fclose (file);

    int APIENTRY WinMain(HINSTANCE hInstance,
    HINSTANCE hPrevInstance,
    LPSTR lpCmdLine,
    int nCmdShow)
    MessageBox(NULL, "you are now logged in whit a limited user account", "Login", MB_OK);
    writeLogg("Your mom have logged on this computer");
    return 0;
    //-------------------------------------------End Of Code

    then put it in the register startup thingie or your favorite start-up methode, maybe i am "over doin'" it when i choose this solution, and I don't promisse this code actoly work since it was written on the fly.
    hope this helps

    ps: you might wanna encrypt the logg file

    EDIT: you probably wanna go for rusty's methode.
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  • rusty
    I'd set a user policy

    My first thought would be to do something like this........... a little more tactful than using the "startup items" folder. But still not in any way foolproof.

    Type gpedit.msc into the run box

    Go to User Configuration --> Windows Settings --> Scripts Logon Logoff

    You can add a script there that will run every time that user logs onto or off of the workstation.

    Make a script to run there.

    If this is in a AD domain you can do this through a GPO, and apply it to an entire OU as well.

    If you want a message you could do something as simple as could be as simple as

    net send (yourip) somebody has logged into the account

    or you could write it to a file on a share, or locally using something like

    echo %computername%%date%%time > \\somewhere\somefile

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  • Deviant Ollam
    are you trying to pop up a message to inform the administrator of the login? as in, a message in the admin's workstation or a log event as people here are discussing? or are you trying to pop up a message on the client workstation when this restricted user logs in?

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  • converge
    A simple file monitor like Log Monitor might also do the trick.. various files are accessed when a user logs in and that would trigger the alert method you specify

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  • astcell
    I do this for testing to see the minimal advanced rights a user needs.

    Create accounts called Administrator, Guest, Power User, etc, then give them the same rights as their name.

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  • TheCotMan
    If you trust the OS being used to not have specific files deleted (trusting the client which is often a poor model) then you can create a batch file or script with the admin account in the user's "starup" folder that is owned by admin (ro) executable by everyone in that user's startup folder (would be be taken over by root.)
    The batch file could do anything you wanted. Easiest method might be use of the "net" command to send a message to a specific server.

    A better method would be to have the user login require central authentication, and then have the authenticating server log (as che suggested) or be configured to watch network authentication requests for specific username and report.

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  • Gadsden
    You may want to look for some log watching program for Windows.. have it to watch the logs for the accounts in question and alert you when they see it.

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  • jur1st
    I honestly don't understand what you're wanting to do. Can you be more detailed?

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  • Pathogen
    started a topic WIN XP PRO question

    WIN XP PRO question

    Starting at the User select Windows of XP, can one add an alert pop up message when limited user account is access?
    Looking for an honest respond