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  • A real hawaii meeting

    Ok i am trying to rent pali palms plaza in kailua for december 3rd and 4th they have great ehternet and a T1 line and I am getting it bassicaly free I am also trying to get lots of boston pizza (local pizza place) the rooms we have are... 302 and that big empty place on the first floor... sorry but i am on a low budget... I think you should sign up here and give me your contact info and please actually come and please be over 13 because i am watching starwars episode 3 on the projector and its pg-13 lol um i am not sure what else to say... The lego man is going to be there (guy who made the lego computer) thats all I can really say... e-mail me @

    Also anyone that goes to punahou hacker or not your welcome to come =)
    and anyone else who wants to come feel free but NO GUNS OR DRUGS!!! I will enforce this rule with a UH football star going by the name of PASSI HAMADA and he will be a "goon" of sorts...

    Never with an idiot, first they drag you down to their level... then they beat you with experience