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Linux for 3rd World?

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  • Linux for 3rd World?

    Hi there every1,

    I haven't posted on these forums for quite some time now but i've decided to post a question regarding open source software and how it can benefit 3rd world countries.

    I personally think openm source software is fantastic for third world countires, especially those that are trying to develop their IT sector.

    I have read up a little bit on how microsoft is competeing with the open source, and that is by offering a much cut down version of windows for Free, how do you guys feel about this? I don't think this is fair at all, Microsoft are getting a foot hold then all of a sudden they will charge the 3rd world for updates to newest versions. Very annoying!

    Do any of you guys know of any good sites that look closely at how open source software can benefit 3rd world countries? I really want to have a good read and research into this.

    Many thanks

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    Come on, first hit on google

    Article: here


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      First off, ignore the jerks who think cool on these forums is being a dick.

      A really good article on the topic:

      It references a group in my area, the Alameda County Computer Resource Center:

      Also, I don't really think Microsoft's plan is to suddenly start charging people in Ecuador etc. They are probably doing it because its good for their image and suddenly starting to charge for the OS would really really hurt them.

      What class are you writing this essay for anyway?



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        Thanks for the great input, it's kind of you to point me into a google search which i have allready done, much appreciated.....

        I'm currently entering my 3rd (and final) year of university in which i have to do a dissertation.

        For my dissertation title i'm thinking of covering a title like this;

        "How can open source software/systems help to benefit the development of IT in 3rd world countries?"

        I have tried to add as much as i can to this title/question to make my 15,000 word count easier to reach.

        I have googled as much as possible but i'm finding it difficult to find a site that is solely dedicated to providing software for 3rd world countries. I'm also trying to find some types of books that help me with this topic but very few linux books cover this sort of area (especially the ones that i've read).

        Thanks for the help pr0zac0x2a, i'm going to have a good look around the site of the group that you posted, many thanks.

        Matt Phillips