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IRQs grater than 15

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  • bascule
    Modern ACPI PCs use an I/O APIC for IRQ routing rather than the legacy 8259 chips which are a holdover from the IBM AT days...

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  • alienSkull
    started a topic IRQs grater than 15

    IRQs grater than 15

    I have been googling looking for information about how IRQ numbers that are greater than 15 work. There seems to be little information, or it is hidden quite well. I couldn't find anything searching defcon either.

    I did find that they are called virtual IRQ numbers and that it has something to do with the ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface). They were put in place because the first 15 get used up when you have more than 15 devices, namely many USB devices.

    I have seen information about IRQ number sharing (in the basic 15) but this is not what I need.

    If anyone has any information, or can google better than I could you please give me some linkage or other info.

    Thanks in advance.
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