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    Has anybody here downloaded the complete (all characters and the space character) LM Rainbow Tables from They mentioned this in their DC13 presentation.

    I have downloaded it and below is my email to beetle (the contact given by their website) about the problem I had.

    I have just finished downloading the LM Rainbow Tables for all characters and the space character. When I finished the download I ran an md5sum check to confirm the integrity of the data. All files passed the check. However, after extracting the gzipped databases, all files but 1 passed the check. That file is lm_alpha-numeric-symbol32-space#1-7_1_15200x67108864_1.rt. The md5sum I get is: 059517dde65bbcfd63eb6f1edcda4f44 wheras the md5sum listed in md5s-uncompressed.txt is 9984f35f985c12bb493cfd91797039e1. I've tried extracting the gzipped archive with WinZip, WinRAR and gzip 1.3.5 for windows.

    Do you think that there might be a mistake in md5s-uncompressed.txt? The md5sum for lm_alpha-numeric-symbol32-space#1-7_1_15200x67108864_1.rt.gz is correct and since I've tried 3 different extractors (all of which yield a file with the same md5sum) I believe that the md5sum listed in the md5s-uncompressed.txt may be incorrect.
    This is a pretty giant download (~43Gb) and I'd hate to think that the download was corrupt in some way. Just wondering if anybody else had the same problem.