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Touch-tone speed dialing contest

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  • Touch-tone speed dialing contest

    I did this as an impromptu contest in the contest room and during my talk last year, and it was a lot of fun. The basic idea is that you have four 2500 sets on a table and a list of telephone numbers you provide to the contestants. Whoever dials through all the numbers fastest and most accurately wins the round.

    Is there enough interest in this to warrant me schlepping a giant box of telephone equipment to defcon 14? :)

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    What if it were a phone system obstacle course where contestants were greeted with various menus, at the end of said menu structure was the number to dial out for the next clue .. and possibly at the end of other menus were rogue numbers that send contestants off into completely different menu systems that must be defeated to get back on 'course' .. first person to reach the treasure chest recording, write it on paper, and hand to judges wins.. and so on. Try to integrate real menus/scenarios .. if overly obsessed, a group of folks could train their contest staff up to act as 'operators' and make it a contest in both skill with defeating menu systems and SE with folks answering on the other end.. or for more advanced players require they whip out phreaking skills to make it through the obstacle course.
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      Originally posted by converge
      What if it were a phone system obstacle course...
      Oooh. *That* could good. I especially like the SE aspect of having certain numbers going to real, live humans who want to screw with you today!


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        I concur, this could be a very cool contest...I'm sure we could round up some colorful "operators" for this.
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          Originally posted by AlxRogan
          I concur, this could be a very cool contest...I'm sure we could round up some colorful "operators" for this.
          "Please deposit eleven zlotys for the next eight-point-three minutes."


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            "Congratulations! The unit associated with that tag qualifies for beryllium level support. I will transfer you to the back of that queue immediately without listening to your pleas to simply be helped by any available human being."
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              this actually sounds like a great contest, if it could be organized. much fun :)

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