so, the "beverage" cooling contest will be returning to DefCon yet again, it would seem. i really had a great time with everyone who participated last year.

this year, things will be pretty much the same. the contest information page has been updated, and most of the details can be found there. i should mention here in this thread, however, the one key change...

this year there will be NO "IN CAN" CATEGORY of the competition. all contestants will have to create devices into which an opened beverage will be poured, thus cooling the fluid as it passes through any network of pipes, tubes, chambers, etc. that the designers see fit.

last year, we realized that the in-can cooling is limited in a few key ways. one fact is that even the most efficient can cooler cannot compete with a manifold / flowing pipe style setup... sufrace areas are just too different. the other was renderman's discovery that the cooling performance of liquid versus compressed gas will result in explosive results when super-cooled cans are opened.

so yeah, this year, be prepared to be issued open cans of beverage which will be poured through your contraption. i eager look forward to seeing teams sign up.