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    Mash-up: a rediculous term for a remix utilized within circles which also like to talk about how great blogs and podcasts are.

    While I dispise the term itself, I do like a few of these albums (The Grey Album, A Night at the Hip Hopera, Yoshimi Battles the Hip Hop Robots).

    For today, websites across the Internet are mirroring the American Edit album and/or turning their page-backgrounds grey. Mashup albums don't hurt the sales of the albums they sample -- at worst, they have no effect on sales, at best they can promote them. Artists who are signed to major labels can avail themselves of labels' legal departments when they want to remix others' work and get their samples cleared. Indie artists, hobbyists and fans don't get legal assistance from labels' high-priced fixers. This is pure patronage: in the old days you couldn't make art unless the King or some bishop granted you permission; today you need permission from a studio executive. - from Boing Boing

    Download the album here
    jur1st, esq.

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    Somehow I thought this would have something to do with Tookie
    45 5F E1 04 22 CA 29 C4 93 3F 95 05 2B 79 2A B0
    45 5F E1 04 22 CA 29 C4 93 3F 95 05 2B 79 2A B1
    [ redacted ]


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      Originally posted by jur1st
      Yoshimi Battles the Hip Hop Robots
      Didn't The Flaming Lips file a lawsuit against this?
      Did Everquest teach you that?


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        The album itself has been taken down from the Kleptone's website but lives on through bittorrent. I don't believe there was an actual lawsuit, or that the Lips were involved in the takedown efforts which were probably done by their record label.

        The most notable remix takedown was The Grey Album where EMI used numerous threats against those hosting the album.
        jur1st, esq.


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          Mash-up: stupid term, agreed.

          However, Electric Six' 'Gay Bar' remixed with the Benny Hill theme: freakin' sweet.


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            Wasn't that on '' with dancing cats or something?

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