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let shmoocon-related begging begin.

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  • keaster
    More begging starts here ...

    I am a total punk for getting a room at the very last min and was only able to get a room for Saturday @ the con rate.

    I need a place to crash Friay night.

    I am more than willing to let somone stay in my room Saturday, if they have a room Friday...

    I know that this is a random request in semi-bad tase; however, I am kind of in need and more than willing to put someone up Saturday evening reguardless if they are screwed for a place to stay...

    Or if anyone knows someone who would let me crash on thier floor for beer that works too

    sckain <at>

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  • Deviant Ollam
    started a topic let shmoocon-related begging begin.

    let shmoocon-related begging begin.

    so i'm registered and booked (and have been for a while... a planner am i, hehe) but a couple of associates were not so forsighted and are stuck out in the cold somewhat when it comes to shmoocon. i figure that almost anyone on the defcon boards who has an shmoo registration slot that they're not using may have already sold it or promised it to a friend, but on the off chance that there are any available (perhaps people who are unexpectedly stuck at work or will be out of the country) and their owners would like to sell them, please shoot me a PM. the two people of whom i'm aware will certainly pay face value at the least, perhaps even more if you're a scoundrel and want to make a profit off of someone else's misfortune and yearning.