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  • Aww boo/DC 14 Speech

    Edited** My disccusion was closed, but oh well, Question for everyone who cares. Would you goto a speech about living on a low budget at a con? I mean, its not directly related to hacking (ok not at all) but it can give an idea to some people about how to live during the week or two you are in vegas. I can understand if its not really a legit speech, someone told me its more of tips than a speech. But I learned the hard way **about living on a low budget**. I thought it might be a good thing to talk about.

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    In spite of some folks that have healthy incomes, a lot of us here past or present have played the no money thing. It probably will not get much interest.

    Now.. a talk on 'Using Vegas Like the Whore It Is' .. on Vegas freebies, cuts, and otherwise means of SEing your way to the absolute cheapest con experience.. that might catch some eyes. I don't think telling the attending percentage to simply be a speaker to drop cost would qualify, but might be something to throw out there on the other side of a 10-second 'general tidbits' that penny pinching attendees may have overlooked.

    Now.. if you have a specific guide for folks that want to make it to Defcon but don't think they can afford it, write it up and submit it to one of the moderators. If well written, well thought out, and otherwise helpful.. it could become a staple for visitors here.
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      The con guide for cheapos would be best had BEFORE con for obvious reasons. I myself would love to see an SEing las vegas talk (oooohh....siviak) I like comps, free swag and maybe a free lap dance or two.
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        I think the more people that can talk about SEing.. the better.

        Maybe it could be a panel discussion of 'best SEing story in vegas?' (while somehow keeping things legal)...

        As far as the low budget talk... its not really needed, as other people said.. most of the people going to defcon can either A) figure it out themselfs or B) have done it.
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          Originally posted by dYn4mic
          while somehow keeping things legal
          just make sure people use the word "hypothetically" in their stories.
          "I'll admit I had an OiNK account and frequented it quite often… What made OiNK a great place was that it was like the world's greatest record store… iTunes kind of feels like Sam Goody to me. I don't feel cool when I go there. I'm tired of seeing John Mayer's face pop up. I feel like I'm being hustled when I visit there, and I don't think their product is that great. DRM, low bit rate, etc... OiNK it existed because it filled a void of what people want."
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            Originally posted by Deviant Ollam
            just make sure people use the word "hypothetically" in their stories.
            Yeah... just like how I hypothetically backup my music to other people's hard drives, and then they call it their own.
            The only constant in the universe is change itself


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              i would like to hear a speech on free-bees in vegas
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                Something that could be entertaining and informative would be the addition of an item to the Scavenger Hunt contest that requires filming the method used to acquire an item on the list.

                Then, each team displays the footage of their (legal) explots on a data projector for audience review, and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place "points" are added to the top winners based on audience feedback.

                If such a presentation took place after the Scavenger Hunt had (mostly) ended, then it could be one last place to break a near-tie, and provide real-world examples of legal SE mixed with a SE panel discussion that included people from scavenger hunt teams. (It would also be an opportunity for teams to see how good their social skills are at convincing an audience that *their* film segment is really the best. (Head-to-head mass-SE.)