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Salvage of a Laptop TFT??? Possible?

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  • Salvage of a Laptop TFT??? Possible?

    Hi there guys,

    My laptop (Packard Bell EasyNote K5-305) is broke beyound repair, the motherboard was damaged somehow. Don't worry the insurance companies paid out and i'm now typing this on my new pc.

    One thing i would like to ask is........Is it possible to somehow salvage the TFT of the laptop (which is still working) and connect it to my new pc and have dual display?

    I have allready looked at the connecters and can see that they have very different from the standard VGA ect.... Also the power, i guess the TFT will have to be supplied with a few different voltages?

    Any help on this issue would be much appreciated, have any of you guys tried this with success?

    Thanks in advance guys

    P.s. If i can get this to work i was going to mount it in the side of my PC case and possibly use it for system status, CPU temp, fan speed, ect....


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    Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah.

    seems to be quite a difference of opinion, even among the above search results. i know for certain that it's a common question and that a wide range of people have tried this (i donate old hardware from my clients' storage rooms to local LUGs... i used to often get the question "got any old laptop LCD screens" from some random guy, so he must have been doing something with them... or at least attempting to.)

    seems to me that it depends a lot on the particulars of the screen you have at hand (one article states that there is no standard as far "control values in the signal register" and that each manufacturer's associated onboard video chip handles that, whatever that means exactly.) still, sounds like a fun project. be certain to take lots of photos along the way as you attempt things, since if it works in the end it would make a fine defcon talk... perhaps in one of the half-hour mini-sessions if they still have those.
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