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    I have a couple of questions about the specifications of the targets.

    You say the targets will be 1", 2", or "3. Is this the radius of a circle that will be cut out?

    What material will the targets be? Paper? Plastic? And from what source? I ask this because I would like the know the reflactive properties of the targets.

    Also, you mention something about the 220ohm resistor being "wrong". Is this the resistence you will use or will you choose another?

    Is the whole background the black target, or will there be discrete black targets like the white targets?


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    It would seem that the series resistor would be chosen based on the IR LED used. (The manufacture specs, etc...)



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      1", 2", 3" are the diameters, they'll be thin sheet metal painted flat white. We're currently building them so I should have pictures up in the next week or two.

      Apparently my EE skills atrophied over the last couple of years, but I have a friend helping to build all the electronics so once he decides on the wiring, etc I'll let everyone know so they can build their own.
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