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OSx86 Cracked Again

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  • Voltage Spike
    Barring the creation of an OS X NdisWrapper, consumers are still forced to buy new hardware that is compatible with the Mac OS.

    This hack requires significant changs to the OS (including a kernel replacement) so it is probable that software updates (including those of security) will not be an option.

    This could be bad for Apple in that people running hacked versions may assume Apple is at fault for any problems and be turned away from future purchases.

    The widespread pirating of Microsoft's (mostly a software company) software only seems to help them. Could widespread pirating of Apple software change their position as a hardware-based company? Isn't Apple already recognized as producing excellent hardware which easily competes with other vendors (even without their software)?

    In the end this seems more like a "we did it because we could" hack rather than a "let's change the face of computing" hack.

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  • skroo
    started a topic OSx86 Cracked Again

    OSx86 Cracked Again

    "The OSx86 Project is reporting that the intrepid hacker 'Maxxuss' has once again eluded Apple's security methods and cracked the latest release of Mac OS X for Intel, or 'OSx86', to run on standard x86 PCs. It seems Apple just can't win this eternal struggle with the hackers, as 10.4.4 included beefed up security designed to prevent similar hacking methods used on beta releases of the operating system. Is this a blessing for Apple, or simply a nuisance?"

    From (slashdotted, so slow).