heya, a little while back i had started a thread describing a project i'm working on and how i was seeking users of open-source DVRs to get their opinions on a few things. there weren't too many nibbles on the line then (only CotMan replied actually) so i'm giving it another whirl...

i'm very eager to speak with MythTV (or other open-source DVR) users in order to find out...
  1. how they found the MythTV (or other) project
  2. why it appealed to them
  3. how easy the feel it was to setup
  4. approximately how much it cost them to setup
  5. what they value most in a DVR or similar technology
  6. what features their unit has which aren't found on mainstream products
  7. new features they'd like to see on DVRs in the future

your opinions and thoughts will help shape the last section in a thesis that i'm writing for one of my majors, so come on and make your voice heard. feel free to either reply here or PM or shoot me an email... deviant@deviating.net