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    I have a Sonic Viewpad 1000 and 100. I want to put Windows XP Tablet edition on one and a Linux distro on the other. I learned after multiple google attempts that Tablet Edition is a superset of Win XP. I cannot find anything about actually installing it. Has anyone every tried putting Tablet edition on a tablet pc that did not originally have it installed? Microsoft says you can only get it with a new tablet PC. A few sites say its inside of the Windows XP (SP1) version. I cannot find anything on actually installing it or extracting the superset. Is this just really a lost cause? I found a few sites that walk me through the Linux install so that one is not a problem. Can anyone please help me?
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    I think you mean subset, with the lack of support for such things, although you might want to lookinto windowst thin clients...I don't think it would help much though.
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