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Apple now supports Windows

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  • Apple now supports Windows

    That's right you heard me, Apple now OFFICIALLY 'supports' Windows. I use support loosley, by this I mean provides drivers and allows dual-boot.

    In a stunning move, Apple on Wednesday officially sanctioned the running of the Windows XP operating system on Intel-based Macs through the release of a software package. Called Boot Camp, the 86MB beta product provides a dual-boot sequence and the drivers necessary to run Windows.

    "Apple has no desire or plan to sell or support Windows, but many customers have expressed their interest to run Windows on Apple's superior hardware now that we use Intel processors," said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. check here for whole story
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    I know that someone had a reward for hackers to make the new apple computers daul-boot with OSX and XP.
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      WHEN Windows crashes, will there be a BSOD or some other screen? Or maybe it will never crash? I'm dying to know!


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        i'm hoping that most people here have by now caught wind of the fact, reported by Alice Hill of RealtechNews, that Palladium/Trusted Computing DRM is Embedded in New Intel Macs.

        one day i'll have to buy bruce potter a few rounds, we'll get all boozed up and totally slag it out with this topic. i figure that out of all the people whom i've heard speak in favor of DRM and Trusted Computing, he's the only one i respect and look up to. if anyone has a shot of convincing me that this isn't a plan conceived inside of satan's asshole, he does.
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          Originally posted by Deviant Ollam
          if anyone has a shot of convincing me that this isn't a plan conceived inside of satan's asshole, he does.
          The concept is a fairly good one (every amateur software writer must have at least one other member of the community in good standing sign off before execution) but ultimately flawed. If all of our software must be approved by our corporate masters, then I might as well just buy a game console. Trusted computing goes against a strong history of free-as-in-freedom development and also opens up too many avenues of abuse (e.g., media files that only function on trusted platforms running trusted software)...

          ...depending on your perspective, of course.