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Net Neutrality Bullshit

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    How did you find out which service in your area QoS or blocks which services entirely? Did they up front tell you or did you have to discover it through another means (whether thats trying it out or knowing someone who knows someone (etc.) who works for that company?

    Companies/ISPs should be forced to tell you up front the limitations on their services. Whether the limitations are self-imposed or inherent in the system shouldn't distinguish between what I am told.
    I do know everything, just not all at once. This is commonly referred to as a "virtual memory" problem.


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      For Comcast, I'm going off what I've read online.

      For Clearwire, I had to ask an engineer. I harassed a salesman about it, and he said they blocked stuff but didn't know what (I can't remember if he said he did know they did Vonage though), and he hooked me up with an engineer that told me Vonage, smtp, and p2p (the former two being blocked outright, and the latter being degraded) and he said they have a big list of other things they block.

      This company paints the sides of buses and has kiosks in the mall, they have piles of setup kits at the Best Buy here, none of that stuff mentions anything about a degraded experience -- they just say they offer wireless broadband thats better than everyone else.


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        Re: Net Neutrality Bullshit

        Just wanted to add an article I read today from Dan Kaminsky.
        I really enjoyed it.

        And a different perspective.

        Senate panel rejects rules on Net access

        Just contributing some more reading material. :-)
        "Haters, gonna hate"