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    Once again ...
    kenshoto will be running the Defcon Capture the Flag contest in 2006.
    This year's CtF will be a knock-down-drag-out-cyberninja war, the
    likes of which the world has never seen (except maybe last year).

    For the qualifying round, we've widened the scope from last year. With
    multiple challenges in various categories, there's something for
    every hacker, regardless of skillset (except running scripts and writing

    The core skill for this contest will be finding vulnerabilities in
    software. Those of you who have avoided playing in CtF because you
    think it is for lamers, we bet you can't find all our vulnerabilities.

    Teams will still need to defend a server, and will need to be able to
    exploit the vulnerabilities they find. As last year, the vulnerabilities
    will be 100%-custom, so leave your nessus, metasploit and core impact
    bullshit at home.

    There will be a qualifying round, which will start on Friday, June 9th
    at 10:00 PM EDT. Only 8 teams will qualify. Last year's winners,Shellphish, are
    automatically qualified (leaving 7 team slots), unless they too decide to play in the
    qualifying round, in which case they willstill need to place in the top 8.

    Registration is currently open at

    We encourage anyone (even individuals) to attempt to qualify, even if as a learning
    experience. We intend quals to be enjoyable for everyone,regardless of your plans
    for Defcon.
    Challenges will range wildlyin difficulty from Mitnick to Eagle we've got it all. Good
    luck... you're going to need it.


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    Well done, looking forward to what you guys put out at the con.


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      Thanks all...

      Excellent. We're just glad folks had fun and hopefully learned something! I'll start a results thread...