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  • astcell
    I have a box of 300, 1200 and 2400 external USR modems form using NT4 back in 1998. I think I have about 10 of them that I know of. I am not yet home, but when I get there I will dig for them.

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  • renderman
    started a topic Embedded modems

    Embedded modems

    Bit of an off topic question, but there are enough people around who might be able to point me at something.

    Need a modem solution for work. Nothing really over 2400 baud, but right now we're hotwiring old USR modems and they are getting really hard to come by and it's alot of extra overhead for what we are using them for. Buying new ones is an option, but at $150 a pop, not really the most economical solution.

    Basically need an embedded industrial modem, that can be DC powered, serial (not USB interface, and needs to be a hardware modem (not any of that softmodem crap).

    Anyone have any idea on a possible supplier for such a thing. There's alot on google about radio modems, but we just need a plaing old POTS modem that can take a 2400 baud call.