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  • praise for FileZilla

    hey all... i just had to mention a piece of software that absolutely made my day. i don't have any connection to the project nor am i sleeping with anyone who does, but every once in a while something comes along and just makes you want to tell other people about it.

    for the longest time i used Bullet Proof FTP for file transfers. it was well-coded, had magnificent file queue support, and it seemed like they never changed their serial numbering scheme so my reg info kept working for ages.

    however, most of my associates have moved to more secure methods of exchanging our data... SFTP, file copy over SSH, etc. i can't recall exactly who started us on this path, but somehow we all wound up using SSH Secure File Transfer (coded by SSH Security Corp) and there was not a single time when i used it without letting loose a string of expletives that would shake pictures off of my walls. two simple examples of the horrid coding in this application... 1. you could move your first chosen files into a download queue, but after that all files you attemtped to grab would immediately start just going as opposed to wait in the queue. 2. as the download list processed, one couldn't scroll within it, since the percentages and speed details would refresh every second... and the scroll list INSISTED on jumping back to the line with new data to display every second. god help you if you had more than one item that started to download simultaneously (a common occurrence given their shit-ass queue support) and a that would lead to a file transfer list that never stopped scrolling and jumping all over the fucking place.

    anyway... all that horror is behind me now since i googled for other tools and came across FileZilla in the process. i couldn't find any details indicating that this software is in any way associated with the Mozilla project, but it's well thought-out, GPL'd, and just a pleasure to use. with support for old-school FTP, FTP over SSL, FTP over SSH, and SFTP via SSH2 it can handle just about all your needs. it will occasionally pull the trigger a bit too quickly with respect to starting a queue rolling, but it's easy to halt (as opposed to SSH Corp's client which would just mark the whole fucking queue as failed if you interfered with a file in progress)

    happy downloading.
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    wow... I've used filezilla for a while not but didn't stop to realize it supported SSH. Please pardon me while I go kick myself in the jimmy a few times. I've been using several things, winscp most noteably, with success but definate quirks involved with UI and disconnect bugs with odd exit errors (fixed in newest release finally)... but nowhere near the functionality of filezilla. Time to playmore.
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      I've been using Filezilla for quite a while, mostly because of the features you mention. It's nice to have a competent, reliable and feature-filled program like this from a Sourceforge project.
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