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MS Sued over WGA

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  • MS Sued over WGA

    This just in:

    Just in case you missed this media barrage today about MS being slapped with a law suit for its Window's Geniue Advantage Spyware issue. Here is one of a million articles for your reading pleasure. I am curious to hear what you think if you consider it spyware or not. I can see it from both perspectives.
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    Re: MS Sued over WGA

    "Disclosure- slim to none."
    "...sends information to Microsoft on each computer boot up."

    It's on my computer without my knowledge and sends someone else information about my actions. Sounds like spyware to me. They do, however, get points for giving out instructions on how to disable and remove it.

    I don't care what the purpose is, if a program does that it's spyware.
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      Re: MS Sued over WGA

      That's like saying Sony gets points for tucking tail and giving out free mp3s .. or like Cisco deserves kudos after Mr Lynn threw the gauntlet down and they tried to save face.
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