Mac OS X Security Tools
Charles Edge, aka Krypted, Partner, Three18

Apple claims not to care about the enterprise market, but there is no doubt that Apple networks are growing. The number of Apple systems in enterprise networks are growing as well. For security purposes it is becoming more and more important to manage these systems in the same way that we manage Windows clients.

In this session we will cover the tools that Apple and some 3rd party organizations have been quietly building for use in these environments. We will also cover the methods Apple has started using to facilitate running security updates on their workstations.

This is a good session for security professionals who have Mac systems on their networks. Tools we will cover:

* Mac OS X Server Managed Clients
* Nagios
* Radmind
* Apple Remote Desktop
* HenWen
* Tripwire
* Open Directory Password policies
* ipfw and dummynet
* Centrify DirectControl
* Dave
* AdmitMac

Charles Edge began his consulting career working with Support Technologies, Andersen Consulting and Honda to name a few. In January of 2000 Charles arrived at Three18, a boutique consulting firm in Santa Monica, California. At Three18, Charles has worked with Network Architecture, Security and Design for a wide range of clients. As a partner at Three18 Charles manages a team of engineers, security professionals and programmers.

His first book, "Mac Tiger Server Little Black Book" is available through Paraglyph Press. His second book, "Web Admin Scripting Little Black Book" is also available through Paraglyph Press. The latest title Charles is working on is Mac Security Essentials.