First We Break Your Tag, Then We Break Your Systems Attacks to Rfid Systems
Lukas Grunwald

This talk provides an overview of new RFID Technologie used for Dual-Interfaces Cards (Credit cards, Ticketing and Passports), and RFID Tags with encryption and security features.

Problems and attacks to these security features are discussed and attacks to these features are presented. After dealing with the tags an overview to the rest of a RFID-implementation, middelware and backend database and the results of special attacks to this infrastructure is given.

At the end of this talk there is a practical demonstration of these discussed attacks.

Lukas Grunwald works for a German Security company, and has security experience over 20 years. As hobby he writes for the iX Magazine, and other security publications.

He is also the head of the Hacking Lab where new technology is evaluated.