Remote Pair Programming and Test-driven Development Using Open Source
Matt Hargett
Luis Miras, Lead Vulnerability Researcher, Intrusion Inc.

Pair programming and test-driven development are proven best practices for producing high quality code quickly. But, because of geographical disparity, they can be difficult to apply to open source projects. This talk addresses how a flexible approach can be taken using open source software to enable this kind of collaboration. Attendees will learn the basics of the techniques, what tools to use (and not to use), and how it can improve their code no matter what language or platform they write it in.

Matt Hargett last spoke at Defcon about using open source tools to test Firewalls and IDSes, and has spoken and written articles in a variety of venues and leading publications on the topics of security, testing, and programming techniques. After successfully creating and launching the commercial static analysis tool, BugScan, as the initial sole developer, he took time off and now works in a very different and unrelated field. He lives in Mountain View, California with his husband, Geoff, and their dog, Baxter.

Luis Miras is the lead vulnerability researcher at Intrusion Inc. He has done work for leading consulting firms. and Network Associates. He released the first public polymorphic shellcode at Defcon 8 and has also spoken at Toorcon 7 as well as the CCC Congress (17c3) in Berlin. In the past he has worked in digital design, and embedded programming.