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  • (Amber Schroader,Tyler Cohen) Cyber-crime Foiled Once Again? Help prove the ...

    Cyber-crime Foiled Once Again? Help prove the innocence or guilt of Jack Grove
    Amber Schroader, CEO, Paraben
    Tyler Cohen, Digital Forensics Instructor Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center

    Jack Grove tries to stop his racing heart as he slips into a dark dingy alley. His paranoia is getting the best of him as he looks behind him. No one is following him, but he senses they are coming. He is afraid. The hack hadn't gone down as planned. Damn it, he was supposed to have taken everything into account, he got sloppy. He knew his only saving grace was no one would be able to recover his laptop. Not after what he did to it.

    Jack pulls out his cell phone to make what will soon be his last phone call.

    He looks around anxiously to make sure that he is alone before making the most important call of his life. He notices a man digging through a trash can. He decides not to risk the man overhearing him and chooses to send a text message instead. With his palms starting to sweat he texts:

    "net hax. Hidn. Dngr. Plan?"

    Just as the send button is pushed the alley is swarming with agents. Jack is thrown up against a wall. Agents begin to frisk him and take the remains of his hack from him. His cell phone, PDA, and iPod are all that is left of his digital task.

    He watches and wonders will they find anything to tie him to what has just happened as he is taken away into custody.

    Back at the crime lab, the agency's uber geek lab babes Amber and Tyler are under the gun to get this case solved. Someone on top thinks it is personal and wants Jack Grove. The two ladies are used to the pressure, but know they are tops in the crime lab when it comes to the bizarre bits and bytes of devices. They start their examination on the three items from the scene the cell phone, PDA and an iPod.

    Can these two super sleuths use digital forensics on the few devices recovered to figure out what Jack Grove was up to, who his accomplices were, and find the evidence needed to prosecute?

    By using this scenario, Amber and Tyler will bring the audience into the crime lab with them. Taking the devices from seizure to analysis showing where Jack Grove has left his digital fingerprints. Once the fingerprints are gathered the audience will work with these two examiners to piece together the case and solve the crime and prove Jack's innocence or guilt.

    The audience will gain an overall understanding of digital forensic handling and procedure. Details to what is gained on some of the unique digital storage devices will be demonstrated.

    Amber Schroader has been involved in the field of computer forensics for the past seventeen years. During this time, she has developed and taught numerous courses for the computer forensic arena, specializing in the field of wireless forensics as well as mobile technologies. Ms Schroader is the CEO of Paraben Corporation and continues to act as the driving force behind some of the most innovative forensic technologies. As a pioneer in the field, Ms Schroader has been key in developing new technology to help investigators with the extraction of digital evidence from hard drives, e-mail and, hand held and mobile devices. Ms Schroader has extensive experience in dealing with a wide array of forensic investigators ranging from federal, state, local, and corporate. With an aggressive development schedule, Ms Schroader continues to bring new and exciting technology to the computer forensic community world wide and is dedicated to supporting the investigator through new technologies and training services that are being provided through Paraben Corporation. Ms Schroader is involved in many different computer investigation organizations including The Institute of Computer Forensic Professionals (ICFP), HTCIA, CFTT, and FLETC.

    Tyler Cohen is an instructor and developer for the Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center. Her specialties are digital forensics, network intrusions, and conducting forensic exams with the iPod and other alternative media devices. She presents her expertise at various conferences all over the country some of which include the Department of Defense Cyber Crime Conference, International High Technology Crime Investigation Association and the California District Attorney's Cyber Crime Conference.