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    From the pen of our Editor in Chief:

    CoffeeWars HQ

    Undisclosed Location
    Not near Dick Cheney's
    (we have no idea where he stays,
    although we hear it's a local
    police officer training ground
    or state trooper college mostly)

    12 July 2006

    TO: All y'all

    This is the official Call for Beans for CoffeeWars 7. That's correct:
    we have been doing this for seven whole years. What is CoffeeWars?
    It is a contest to determine which hacker's coffee is truly the best,
    and (in the process) to gather and provide information about the best
    coffees to be had.

    Do you love coffee? Are you of the opinion that the particular coffee
    you drink is better than anybody else's? If so, then sumbit your beans
    for judgment, and let our blind taste-test determine whether you will
    return from the Coffee War covered in glory, or whether you've been
    drinking industrial waste.


    For the full announcement:

    CoffeeWars 7 begins Friday August 4th at 10:00AM (so get us your
    entries at at or before that time!) in the DefCon Contest Area at
    the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas.

    We welcome your challenge.

    Foofus and Shrdlu