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wanted ride and roomshare

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  • wanted ride and roomshare

    I'm in Ann Arbor, Michigan (very near Detroit) and was wondering if anyone could swing by here to bring me to/from defcon. I emailed lsdhack, maybe their offer is already taken ( ? ).

    I'm also looking to crash in somebody's room/on their floor for the conference, but I'm not sure on dates yet - it's dependent on hanging a ride with someone. Not looking for fancy accomodations though.

    22 y.o. F
    not-smoker/not-drinker (hopefully no smoking or much drinking in car/room)
    have money to contribute for car tank/space in a room there
    have sense of humor/don't get offended easily (fyi)
    Planning on bringing only small duffel bag & sleepingbag or rolled-up-blankets

    Please email/post here if you can help me out:

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    Re: wanted ride and roomshare

    a 22 year old female? heh, beware of a load of email from people remarking "we may have a space available... send us an email with pic attached." in all seriousness, good luck with your search for ride and room offers... hope you make it to defcon.
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      Re: wanted ride and roomshare

      Thanks - and I know how it goes. I'd post a pic for them - no saying whose pic it would be though.


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        Re: wanted ride and roomshare

        I have a lead on a room now.

        Still wanting a ride though: offering to bake you muffins for the trip and [a legal] supply a six-pack of choice if you help me out.

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