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Where to get Booze??

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  • Where to get Booze??

    This is a call to anyone who lives in Vegas or has already arrived.

    Where is the nearest and/or best place to get alcohol from the Riviera?
    I will be arriving on Thursday and will need to stock up but don't want to waste my valuable defcon time looking for the best liquor store.

    I seen this thread from Deviant Ollam but Lee's Discount Liquor seems like a long way from Defcon. Is there something closer? I don't think I will have a car to drive. I would be willing to pay a little more for something closer.

    Also, Cotman has a good list here of a couple stores. Has anyone been to these? How is their prices and selection?

    If anyone has already found a another good place to go, please post where it is at.
    I figure many people could benefit since we are going to a new and unfamiliar hotel.


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    Re: Where to get Booze??

    excellent post... I'm looking forward to an answer to this question as well.
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      Re: Where to get Booze??

      There are a great deal of Liquor store(s) on the Strip and Off...

      I reccomend stocking up when you get near the Goldrush (I think the name is) Casino (That is if you are coming from California)....
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