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    I am doing a breakout session. This is unofficial. It will happen some time after the mystery box contest, possibly on Saturday. It will be first come first serve- It will be where ever we find a spot. If I charge anything for it at all (haven't decided yet)- it will cost $5.00 and all money will be donated to the EFF. If you are interested, find me at CON and tell me so- I most likely will not be checking email after 4pm today (wed)- Oh almost forgot- it will be robot building. You will get free hardware (if I don't force you to donate $5.00 to the EFF :) The hardware is already in the van-


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    Re: Breakout Session

    Just wanted to thank you for the breakout session. I know you were short on time to get things done. But it was a good start on a new field I have been ressearching.
    So I am sure I will be asking many questions as I am more experianced with hardware than I am with code.
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