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The Riv in 'Casino'

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  • The Riv in 'Casino'

    We were watching Casino last night and many of the locations were VERY familiar. Asid from many shots of the cage and gaming areas, you will clearly recconize the room that the B&W was held in.

    And anyone who was at our party will notice that the room that De Niro and Stone were staying in was, yep! Our penthouse. Looks like they dressed it up quite a bit.

    You will also see the Peppermill (nothing else looks like that place) and many other vegas landmarks.

    I just thought it was neat.
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    Re: The Riv in 'Casino'

    Yeah, I noticed it when I saw the unique shape of the pool, seen from one of the balcony's on the tower to the right of Monaco.
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