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  • Defcon 14 recordings

    When will the recordings be available?

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    Re: Defcon 14 recordings

    Originally posted by deffux
    When will the recordings be available?

    If you want to purchase video or audio tapes / CDs or DVD's of DEFCON 7-14 you can do so from the Sound of Knowledge website. I am told it will take them 3-4 weeks after the con to have them ready. I believe this year they are doing DVD's.

    However, if you meant the videos available to download from us, via our RSS/podcast feed, you will have to wait. A significant amount of time. As we do wait ourselves to recieve the video, then it will take a while to edit, encode it and build everything so you can download it for free. If you dont want to wait....3-6 months?..I am sure TSOK will have it much sooner. Also for the record, I, nor anyone else at defcon will do special requests, so dont ask, period.
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