OK so its been a while and i have seen nobody refrance this on the forums so i figured id say somthing.

on fri. me and some fellow dc949 cronies went looking for the sky-box parties at around 11 or so at night. we were coming from room 333. not haveing had time to quite get the full lay of the place yet, we went looking for the elustrious sky boxes on the 2nd floor (since the room numbers started with '2' it seemed like a logical place to look). so we go 1 floor down and as the elevator door opens we knowtice an abnormaly large sighn on a stand that sais somthing to the effect of "security only beyond this point". now being 80% sure this was for hotel security and not goons we were quite aprehensive, but we wanted to be sure. that being said we took about 2 - 3 steps out of the elevator and looked bolth ways down the hallway on that floor without ever actuly stepping foot in it. in bolth directions we saw the same sighn... and no goons, infact that floor was totaly quiet and we didnt see anybody.

quite sure we were in the wrong place, we got back in the elevator and headed to the lobby where we figured wed ask for directions wen a security gard stoped us before the doors closed and asked "what are you doing up here"
"trying to get to room 208" we replyed
"thats a sky box"
"there not on this floor, there down stairs and around the cornor"
"ah ok thank you"
"well hang on a minut"
"because i have to have you cleard with managment"
"because youve been on the 2nd floor"

to wrap this storry up, we got to the loby and said the EXACT same thing almost word for word to 2 more security gards and what i think was a casino floor manager before they let us go.

so after having said all that, does anybody know what was on the 2nd floor, or perhaps know why apperently it wasent obvious we were lost and not being malicious?