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  • MP3 Players?

    to "cut to the chase" as it were, my old mp3 player broke and i havent seen one out there that will do what i want, so id like to build one. the problem is i dont have the PCB knowlage or experiance to do this. as such, i turn to my loving bretheran for help ;)

    the kind of player i want is...
    - inputs:
    = USB

    - outputs:
    = Analog Stereo (headphones)
    = Optical (sound)
    = B&W LCD (interface)

    bassicly what im thinking is a small SBC (Single Board Computer) with a VERRY small embedded linux system on it. the idea is that the embedded distro / operation software will simply read the file data from the USB HD and play it over eather audio connection. the device in thiory would be small enough to "stick" on to a usb hard drive encloure and create an "instant mp3 player" where the software on the pcb provides the audio codecs and user interface.

    i just figured id put the idea out there and see if any body else thought it sounded like a good idea. please post any idea's, critizisms, or good sources of infomation

    ... btw, yes i know "learn to spell" :D

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    Re: MP3 Players?

    Actually, there are hard drive enclosures that come with a audio/video decoder and video out built in. You just plug the drive into your TV and it decodes video and audio straight to whatever its plugged into.

    Heres some examples.


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      Re: MP3 Players?

      i think ive heard of those before, but im lookng for somthing a bit more mobile, like an ARM SBC attached to a key drive with an lcd screen or somthing