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Penetration Testing (step by step or freeflow?)

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  • Penetration Testing (step by step or freeflow?)

    Hope some uberhackers read the newbie forum and take pity:

    I posted something like this in the computer security forum, but here it goes anyway.

    When penetration testing a single host, what steps does one usually follow. Or, is it more of a freeflow of ideas, try this, that didn't work, so try this. I would think the latter is alot more "noisy" than a carefully planned and researched attack patern. Anyone comment here?


    BTW: i'm at with this [huge assed] PGP key (its the attachment)
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    the answer is

    a lot of knowledge. deep and detailed.
    does that ring a bell?
    "Everything that's countable doesn't necessarily count. What counts isn't necessarily countable."
    Albert Einstein


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      actually, yes. but i'm not deep enough yet. anyone wanna lend a hand?


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        or a shovel...
        "I'm not a robot like you. I don't like having disks crammed into me... unless they're Oreos, and then only in the mouth."


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          love the humor!

          i take it i'm on my own here?

          at least give me a project to work on (ie, a crackme type thing) and maybe walk me through it if you are nice.

          ps: the last thing i want is a script kiddie info session. how about something real. ;)