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  • Wireless DC 15

    Renderman and I have been discussing some ideas for the DC15 Wireless Contests. The primary thing that we've come up with so far would be to combine some teaching with the contests. It would be done by having a series of "hands on" or breakout sessions in a skybox (if available), immediately followed by a mini-contest.

    For example:
    1) Breakout session on 2.4GHz Direction Finding. The object of the following Mini-Contest would be to locate specific Access Point(s) using DF techniques. Extra points for using stealth, and not have the Riviera security haul anyone back to the contest area.

    2) Breakout session on BlueTooth Cracking. Mini-Contest to break a BT session, and decode the audio between a cell phone and BT headset, and listen to the details of Render's secret plan for World Domination.

    Contests could possibly have a cumulative scoring system, so that the people could pick and choose contests, yet still have a possibility of winning. We're still formulating possible sessions, and the format isn't cast in stone yet. We're looking for feedback and ideas, so if you have something in mind, please tell us!
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    Re: Wireless DC 15

    Great ideas there, I am game.

    Thought: the smallest home made WiFi antennae, with the best reception?


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      Re: Wireless DC 15

      sounds like a blast... ive always wanted to learn some of the finer points of microwave signal specs from sombody who knows what there talking about


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        Re: Wireless DC 15

        Sounds cool. Team <Overkill> is signed up and rearin' to go.
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