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  • Bumping

    Seen this?

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    Re: Bumping

    I'm just wondering what happens when the lock gets dirty and full of crud if it will work at all.

    The idea is there. Bumping an old, dirty lock is a pain, but this is artificially introducing the problem into a normally functioning lock. Give me WD-40 and a bottle of graphite and I'll do the same thing for cheaper. Then I'll charge you out the ass to replace the gummed up lock in 6 months.
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      Re: Bumping

      damn .. what are hardened lockpick criminals like us to do!?! ... oh wait, we're not; and the real criminals will just kick the door in instead.
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        Re: Bumping

        Originally posted by converge View Post
        damn .. what are hardened lockpick criminals like us to do!?! ... oh wait, we're not; and the real criminals will just kick the door in instead.
        As they will anyway. "Finesse" is not in your average burglar's lexicon. Of course, neither is "lexicon".
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          Re: Bumping

          The article states:

          Pickbuster, a special fluid which can be squirted into locks to make it
          very difficult for a would-be burglar to "bounce" the pins inside, but
          which does not affect normal key operation.

          The synthetic, high-tack fluid, specially developed in conjunction with
          a German firm, is easy to apply, non-toxic and can withstand extremes of
          So my question is, that with any kind of compound there is almost always a solution that can break it down, much like soap and water helps to break down oil. The fluid is said to protect the lock from bumping for up to two years. But as we hackers know, anytime someone says something can't be done, we prove we can.

          It would be nice to get the spray or a couple of packets and test what best helps to break it down. WD-40? Alcohol? Acetone? Soap & Water solution? It would be interesting to see what people can come up with.

          I am not saying that bumping is even a legitimate lock picking technique, but I am saying that where there is a will there is a way.


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            Re: Bumping

            I'm betting you walk up to the door with a bottle of squirt lighter fluid and have bump access again. However, security through obscurity will meet out a solution to that for the immediate future, as there will be few enough locks treated with this that some kid isn't going to be walking around with the solvent ready to go...yet.

            That said? My real concern is the one mentioned previously. Any solution that could inhibit the normal function of the lock either in the immediate or the long term is bad news.

            I'm glad people are trying to come up with solutions, I don't think this is the one, however.

            And as far as bumping being a legit LP technique? It opens locks, and while it might not appeal to those interested solely in the art of picking, a lot of us hobbiests take an interest in anything lock related. It's hard to ignore bumping.