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SuSE 7.3, net installs and other stuff...

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  • skroo
    OK, most likely what you're seeing is a result of one of two things:

    a) the floppy image you downloaded was bad

    b) the floppy you wrote to was bad

    In the case of a), redownload the image without overwriting it and (I'm presuming you're in Windows) do an fc on it against the one you originally grabbed. If they match, assume they're both good; if they don't, try writing and booting the new one and see what happens.

    For b), you may have a bad floppy. Go buy some new ones; the floppies you recycled from your ST may have finally gone bad ;) [yeah, I've fallen victim to this - "How the hell can a reused cover floppy from 1993 be bad? Oh, wait..."

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  • omega884
    started a topic SuSE 7.3, net installs and other stuff...

    SuSE 7.3, net installs and other stuff...

    Does anyone have a copy of the SuSE 7.3 boot floppy they could send me an image of? I tried getting the one off the web site and using the rawwrite program, but when I start up from that floppy it gives me the message:

    Kernel Panic: could not mount root fs

    Which leads me to my second question: is this a problem with the boot floppy or with the HD, and how would I go about fixing it?

    Thank you