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Echo server in car ECMs?

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  • renderman
    Re: Echo server in car ECMs?

    more likely she was checking for transponders (RFID) for parking permits on official vehicles. They probobly have a tag attached in the engine compartment of behind a bumper and she was checking that it was'nt a judges car or something before towing it.

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  • VAX_to_PBX
    started a topic Echo server in car ECMs?

    Echo server in car ECMs?

    I know we have a lot of anti-authority government employees here who are willing to spill there insight, so I figure I'd ask here.

    I was outside a court house in a small town here in NC, and seen a old meter maid walking around with some type of probe. She was moving it around the front bumpers of the newer cars, and she also put it up to some headlights.

    All these cars where turned off, and the owners where nowhere to be seen.

    From what I seen the device looked like a cattle prod with a LCD for output, and a small keypad. It was almost as if all these modern cars had echo servers in the computers that responded with information on the car, and it's owner. Most likely VIN(in turn the owner,) and the time the cars been cut off.

    The way I figure is the devices use proprietary codes provided by DOT, and manufacturers to get the BCM, or ECM to respond through various I/O like the headlights.

    Anyone have more info on this, or some other interesting details on car system controls?
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