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  • AT&T>Google>Youtube>Ma Bell

    I have to take off again for work for a while, so I though I'd try to post something significant, and worthwhile without presenting it as sensationalist propaganda.

    I know most negative claims in our post "fire bad" world are labeled as conspiracy usually with the intent to demean the claim by the witty-boring masses, but are the high rollers of Internet data mining showing there true colors, or what?

    AT&T buys the second biggest telecommunications provider in the world. These two company's own the majority of small budget company's networks who advertise as service providers. AT&T has a fact based track record of making all there property open to the US Government without proper approval procedures, and most frequently there Intelligence branch the NSA even to the extent of the infamous database with the code name that escapes me right now.

    Google also has a documented past of turning all there data over to the NSA. They say it's for terrorists tracking although news story's still pop up till this day of Americans being prosecuted for mediocre crimes based on Google's evidence.

    Months before Google buys YouTube the worlds biggest media hosting, and video blogging service provider in the world. They buy out a satellite linking system which is very populer with the CIA, and black ops remote imagery projects.

    That news was actually leaked by an ex CIA agent who was/is still passively involved with internal relations.

    Now there is information being leaked in the Scientific Community about Google developing new ground breaking data parsing algorithms that are suppose to handle chunks of data big enough to keep a medium sized company's server room hot, and noisy for a few hours at least.

    My question is what are the regular people gonna do about it besides picket the side walks? For the sake of all of us lets hope people are willing to risk there job titles to make positive change in our corporate wasteland.

    The entire world needs people who are willing to set a path for change by throwing a big piece of cedar shaving in some hamster wheels, and getting peoples minds out of the rat race long enough to improve the quality of life for everyone.
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